Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy "Lots o'love and choking on lots'o chocolates" Day!


We have started a new tradition in our home on V-DAY.

One of us, Kuppy or Mr. Kakes, will make a big dinner and decorate in our own style. This year, the first year, I started it.

I forgot to snap a pic of the feast on the table, which is kewl, I wouldn't want to see the way we eat.
Me and my mini kake went to the store in hopes to not go crazy and blow our entire grocery budget on one meal. With that being said, I literally spent $90.00 on one meal & decorations.

My Mini, she gets carried away with her decorations! ;)

When we got to the house, Daddy was home, rut roh. Turns out he had to work that night.....Bleh. Buttface.
We decorated the table real quick and I cooked dinner.

On the menu:
mini kakes: dino nuggets, tater tots, broccoli, and whatever they chose from "the platter".
kuppy & mr kakes:
Shrimp cocktail
Cooked seasoned shrimp {cayenne, chili powder, garlic, onion, white pepper, black pepper}
Crab Legs
Steamed fresh broccoli
Baked potatoes {which sat in the oven the entire time we ate dinner and were promptly thrown out}
AND our assortment of goodies.


I bought a cheap little plastic red 5 slot serving tray.........

and proceeded to fil it full of the crap I hide away from my children. Call it a momentary loss of sanity.

We had Riesens, DOTS, Flipz {chocolate covered pretzels}, Fudge candy hearts and crispy candy hearts.
AND an entire container of assorted valentines butter cookies.



What are your plans for this Hallmark Holiday?

Since the mini mr kakes is at school, mini kakes and I, made lunch.

We decided to ditch the gooey hearts and make Octopus hotdogs and Seaweed Pasta.

And it is also super easy and fun for the kids to help with.

Just start 1 in from top of dog and make 4 slits around, creating 8 legs.
Then boil and place atop a bed of garden delight fettucine {seaweed} and your done!

Love- Kuppy

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