Thursday, March 8, 2012

A hot mess with a dull knife!

{Loud noises in my garage}

Jr. Kakes and I look at one another, "what was that?!"
So, I walked to the garage door, and knock on it. (Yes, I understand this is dumb, because I know dang good and well, that if someone had knocked back, I would have pooed my pants!!)
And Jr. Kakes starts laughing at me.

I run off, in my house boots, bed head, christmas pjs, and hoodie to grab a butcher knife.
Keep in mind, my "butcher knife" can hardly cut a strawberry, let alone "kill" someone! Psht.

But I grabbed one, and Jr. Kakes is looking at me with "Mental Hospital Admittance" in his eyes, while trying to choke back laughter.

This kid is FULL of trust. hahaha.

And I shush him and push him behind me, and then I slowly unlock the garage door, grab the handle, and Bam! Swing it open, Knife first of course, and then some brief shrieking...


You have GOT to be kidding me.

But the fun didn't stop there. Oh no buddy, never a dull moment here.

So at this point Jr. Kakes is laughing hysterically {again with the support- although he is 6, what can I say}
And I run around the car and check behind all of the seats... and Jr. Kakes is just standing there gawking at me and telling me over and over again "IT'S JUST A CAT MOMMY"...

And so, there we are, A hot mess with a dull knife.

That was an exciting morning.