Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stubborn Frankie and his rescue story

I am bringing it down a notch today with something easy peasey (as my 8 year old says) with a silly 2 minute video of our rescue Frankie and I having a disagreement.

Frankie is our latest rescue baby whom we rescued from the vet. Here's the story.

One morning I was cruising through Facebook, when I saw a post from a friend of mine who worked at our family vet's office. It stated that they had all of these wonderful dogs in their company rescue that were not yet homed and would be able to go to a good home for free. All dogs were vetted, up to date on shots, treated for fleas and ticks, microchipped, and Heartworm Negative! What. A. Deal. Now to find "The One". I went through a couple of pages and I saw him. Sitting all sad in a corner, so dirty and hairy, you couldn't even see his face.

I HAD to see him.

I contacted my friend who gave me the contact at the Vet and snuck out of work to go meet him.

When I got to the vet's office, I let them know why i was there, and was told to please wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

An hour had gone by and my boss is beginning to wonder if I am coming back.
I speak up, again, and was told that the woman who handles the adoptions is not there.
Then she said, "Have you met him yet?"
"No!" I happily shouted, "Can I?"

She takes me back to this pen where it is so noisy and there he sits. All scruffy and sad. He was so ecstatic to be getting out of that cage for a change!
They put me into a room to bond with him and he didn't want anything to do with me!


He will fit in nicely.

So, after calling, coaxing, bribing, and baby talk, I HAD to get back to work.
I asked them how could I go about taking him Home.

They simply said, just fill out some paperwork and take him home.
I immediately sent a picture to my husband who immediately replied back "He needs to be groomed!". {That's "Honey, he is so very cute and how very kind of you to bring home another dog for us to love!" in husband talk)

Well I get him home and settled in and have to run back to work.

When I get home after work, my family and I take him to the groomers!

Well.... We thought it was all loving, snuggling, and wet nose kisses from here on out. Boy were we wrong.

We get him home from the groomers and my husband looks at me and says, "I thought you said he was neutered?!"
I said, "he is."
"No he isn't"
"Well that is what the vet said"
"I am looking right at his man parts, and they are still intact!"

I called the vet's office and they cannot locate his file. They "know" he was fixed, vetted, microchipped, and heartworm negative. They just "knew" it.
Well guess what?! I need to see some paperwork and evidence that this is true!
My family and I are already attached to this sweetheart and I need to make sure it is ok for him to be around my other animals.

Then they called back. They cannot locate his file and I will need to bring him in to have him neutered and vetted.
We take him in and give them huge "what-for" for what has happened and they apologized and said that it would be no cost to us.
Ya think?!?!
To make matters worse, he was not micro-chipped, and he was COVERED in fleas, ticks, and sores.
And.... with a heavy heart, he was heart worm positive.

My poor baby.

Poor franks gets home from being neutered and poked and prodded, and is so sleepy he goes right to bed.

We begin the treatment for heart worms.
We decided to go the "slow-kill" route for the sake of his body.
I gotta say, For a stray with heart worms, he is amazing.
House trained, super snuggly, great protector, great with our kids and other animals, friendly, a smidge bossy, loving, a tad selfish with toys, and likes to run (as in, out the door every time it opens).

But we love him so very much and I believe he loves us too!!!

I hope you enjoy this cute little video! Please share it with your friends, you never know who may need a smile!

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