Monday, April 21, 2014

Bad Wife award

So last night I received the "Bad Wife" award.
I still feel REALLY REALLY AWFUL about what I did, and I apologized a lot too.
In my defense, I did just get my monthly friend, and I was sooo irritable.


So last night, Easter Sunday of all days, we were at my in-laws for an egg hunt and for dinner. My wonderful husband was picking on his sister, like always (does this ever stop?), and I joined in on the Great Baked Bean Debate. We were going over how we buy baked beans in a can and then we "spruce" them up to our liking. Well I asked my hubby: "When was the last time you had beans straight out of the can?"
And he replied, "Last weekend at the cookout, and yesterday at the cookout".
I looked at him and said, "NO you did not! I fixed those beans up and so did Robyn." (my awesome friend/neighbor)
Well he was pushing my buttons and being such a smart bum that I was getting upset. My face turned red and I could feel the heat coming from my glowing cheeks. I felt like I was having a hot flash!
And then it came out.... Like a tornado that couldn't be stopped.

I looked at my hubbs, in front of his family {Lord help me}, and it just slipped out....
"You're being kind of a douche bag!"
DOUCHE BAG! <---- huh?! Really?! OF ALL WORDS!



I couldn't believe it myself. The whole room turned quiet and then his mom said, "Well technically he is right, but we all knew what you meant".
I wanted to hide under a rock.
That is my husband! And that is his family! And on the day that our Lord and Savior had risen!
Well he definitely rose for that occasion, just to throw my bum straight in Hell!

I am still mortified by my horrible outburst. And to make matters worse, I am still a little peeved that he continued to push my buttons and provoke me, knowing that HE KNEW dern good in well what I was referring to, he just wanted to be "funny". Well who's laughing now!

Yes he "TECHNICALLY" has had beans out of the can.
You kind of have to take them out to eat them.
But he also knew that I meant, plain not jazzed up from the can.
And yet... He pushed and I spewed.

Ahh, marriage.

You win some, you lose some. And son, I lost my whole lot last night!

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