Friday, April 4, 2014


Imagine, if you will, a closet packed with pillows, blankets, and laundry baskets filled with "important" things.

This is my house during bad weather.


I believe I was UBER traumatized by a storm that came through around 1986 or so in little ol' Stockbridge Ga one night. My mum was preparing a bath for my twin sister and I {yes I have a twin- no we are not just alike- yes we have weird twin feelings- no she is younger :) }


We were getting ready to bathe and we heard this loud noise and I remember my mum grabbing us and sitting in the hall with us under her arms and then it happened! BAM! The biggest tree that I had ever seen, I was 2, came crashing down about a foot from where we were straight through my sister's bedroom. Complete. Shock. And it came on so sudden, that we were just caught off guard.

I remember sitting in the hall and listening to this amazing noise and then it just went quiet. We got up from where we were and looked around and we had a couple if trees in our home and across our driveway and parts of our roof were gone. My mom, sister, and I walked outside to see neighbors everywhere and ambulances and fire trucks and I remember my uncle literally running to our home (our backyard connected to his street) and it was madness.

To this day, I get a little anxious with the weather. Except now I am a tad fascinated by it. I want to stand outside and watch it coming in and feel the wind, however, if I feel that feeling in my tummy, you can guarantee that when you turn around I am already hiding back in the closet! HA.

My hubby doesn't quite understand it. He thinks I am silly and I remind him, "It may be silly to you, but at least you will have clothing for a week when everyone else's are strewn through trees buddy!"

I have gotten a little better with it, now I learn to not freak until the moment I need to. I still feel it in my tummy, but other than that I enjoy the heavy storms. Just as long as they stay away from tornadoes.

Anyone else act like this?

I know my twin does. She even called me last night, she lives in Dallas, TX, and told me she was out with friends and left abruptly because the weather alert had gone from orange to red and into a Tornado Watch. At least I have her. HAHAHA.

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