Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Science Gone Wrong- and the plot to thicken our hips!

Why on earth would someone create something so awful?!
This product can cause diabetes, weight gain, nevermind it is practically poisoning your body, and causes cancer in rats and other horrible things.
What is this awful product? ASPARTAME!

Here is a quick little science know-how on how this "harmless" product is made.

Quick Science Lesson for Diet soda drinkers, and aspartame users....
E-coli (that nasty, nasty, bacteria that can kill you) is fed Genetically Modified/Engineered Soil (Fake Soil ridden with Round-Up).
Once the cute little squishy E-coli bacteria processes this soil and poops it out, Aspartame is created! Yay! Sweet poop for you!
Sorry to be gross, but the truth is ugly.

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