Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Under Construction- Sort Of

WOW. It has been FOR-EVER since I have stepped foot onto my own blog. I'd like to say I had good reason, and I kind of did, but I hope to charm your pants off once again. {Not literally, what kind of world would we be in if everyone walked around pantless?!- oh wait... mine, life of a mom} :)

I will do a small recap of the events happening around my life addressing the reason for being out of YOUR life.

Let's see.... Hmm... where to begin. RIGHT.

Number one: My life was going so well, or so I thought, that I just dove in head first to family, friends, and what not and didn't have "time" for my blog.

Number two: Short and sweet. After an earth-shattering wake-up call, I honestly didn't WANT to blog. My husband decided that he no longer loved me or our marriage and dipped out. THIS was beyond unexpected and super hard. We have been together since I was 16. 16! So needless to say, I was a bit in shock. After some heavy crying and shouting to my Lord and Savior, I decided to "man-up". Went about my life, engulfed myself in my kids and became SUPER involved with our current health status and our eating habits.

Number three: After a year of it just being us 3, my husband decided that he did not want a divorce, PRAISE GOD, and came home.

Number four: Being the fabulous know-it-all, "Dr." that I am, I decided that things were going SO VERY WELL AGAIN, that I did not "NEED" my anti-anxiety medication. {For those who may or may not know, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder, after a horrific car crash that jostled my sweet little brain to the point of an imbalance} I had changed my eating habits, taken up Cross Fit and felt amazing. Spoke with my doc and said, Hey, I'm doing so fine, let's kick these meds to the curb. Being a great doctor that he was, he said, let's take it slow and ween you down. So of course, being such a great patient, I ran home and immediately stopped taking the meds cold turkey. Fast forward 2 months and I am welcoming back my meds. {STUPID STUPID THING- NEVER stop taking anti-anxiety meds cold turkey}

And here we are at present day. Now most people think, ok, she has been through a few detours. Through my faith, my family, and an amazingly patient friend/neighbor who has kept me from a padded cell. I joke. Kind of. I am ready.

I wanted to do SOMETHING. I had the urge to change something and I didn't know where to start. I threw myself back into church, which by the way, I missed so much. And threw myself back into my kids and my marriage. I wanted to make a difference. And so I began. Go back to school? Volunteer More? And then I was going through FB and found a blog post about how to show your husband respect daily. Bless my hubby's heart, he needs to feel respected so much more than I do. But I am getting there.

All in all, this blog is getting a huge REMODEL.
What was once about silly daily things, which I cherish, will now be silly daily things that may be hard to swallow or talk about, but eye opening for some. You can expect everything from recipes, family, faith, tips for marriage, tips for life, healthy eating tips, ways to become a less gunked up body, and even some vital information for every day life {No not conspiracy theories, but facts about certain things going on in the world} It will be a show and tell kind of blog. No set 'theme'. And I hope you enjoy and are ready!

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